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Amateur models are great to work with (I especially like to work with local models, housewives, and amateur nude models), and due to lack of studio space I have shoot all my models at their home or residence, and I would need a model that would be willing to do so as well. Working at home is usually ideal for some models. Some of the models I have worked with like working in the comfort of their home. I prefer to work in a casual and relaxed setting, and if that works for my models it works for me. I also like to avoid paying outrages studio fees, I would rather pay for a models time.


This angle proved to be a challenging one; her apartment was small so work space was difficult to find. I had to squeeze up against a wall to capture this pic.


Working with Ana was a great experience; she was a very open model. She is a pro fitness model /actress and a great poser.


The Auto focus helped to blur the image as it went up the models body.


Ana had great muscle tone. Her back was very cut showing her finely toned muscles.